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All the beauty of local craftsmanship ...

All the pottery that you will see on our site are made by following the ancient method of master craftsmen. Decorated and in some cases made by hand, each individual item is different from one another and, with the small imperfections that characterize the craftsmanship, in fact represents a small work of art.

Each article in terracotta is made entirely by hand with ancient artisan techniques that over time have become handed down from generation to generation and more and more refined to create a product that is ever closer to everyday needs. All products pictured here can safely stay outside and withstand the harshest winters thanks to their production exclusively handmade.

THE soaps and bubble baths they are handcrafted by local companies: they are products very fragrant is 100% natural not to cause any kind of problem even to the most delicate skin. In addition, they can also be used as smells drawers or linen.

There household linen it is made with excellent wash-resistant cotton, cut and sewn by artisan hands of our territory.