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Lost in the rolling green hills of the Val d’Elsa in the heart of the Tuscany, land of Leonardo, Michelangelo and Botticelli, cradle of medieval architecture, rises Saint Gimignano, splendid town with imposing towers preserved over the centuries and still intact. A beautiful city, with its own maximum artistic splendor during the Renaissance, surrounded by verdant vineyards, olive trees and cypresses. Also famous for its good wine called "Vernaccia", A white and sparkling wine named by many poets and artists as, for example, in one of his works the young Michelangelo Buonarroti in 1643 sings as follows:


To the noble high and turreted land

We made a trip to the beautiful S. Gimignano ...


What they give to drink to anyone who comes there

Who kisses, licks, bites and pierces and stings "


Here in the historic center, within the old walls and narrow streets, in Via San Giovanni 41 / A you will find our shop, 150 square meters of perfectly restored ancient cellars, with one infinity of articles ranging from artistic terracotta pottery, wooden trays, wooden boards with reproductions of sacred images, terracotta masks of various sizes and more, all products of the wonderful and renowned Tuscan craftsmanship.

Our business was founded in late 1960s early 1970s by Tito and Maria Grazia, brother and sister, and was then handed down to us Giacomo, Michele and Roberta. At first it was a sales activity used for agriculture and livestock, then later over the years it has moved on to hunting and fishing until today when, with the increasingly important development of tourism, it decided to devote itself to research gods typically handcrafted products of our areas. All products are made by small local producers, most of them family-run, who make all theirs available wisdom and passion to provide us with the products you will find in our shop.

Many of these items can be seen and bought directly on our site.